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Our hosting service is designed for clients looking for single or multiple domain under a business plan and a control panel.


A good domain name must be affiliated with the purpose of your site, it should be easy to remember and not consist of abbreviations or scripts.


It is a Data Processing Center. We currently have 25,000 square meters in state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Somos la mas grande empresa de correos masivos de Nicaragua

NEGOCIOS ONLINE cuenta con un poco mas de 220 mil contactos de emails de Nicaragua. Nuestras bases de datos se estan actualizando constantemente, por lo que siempre estamos aumentando nuestros registros.

A Platform That Tech Leads Love

Run sites on a host that meets your standards as a tech lead. MegaHost container-based platform has the features you expect, from advanced caching with Varnish and Redis to smooth scaling that lets you handle any traffic spike without breaking a sweat.

Si Tu Negocio No Está En Internet, Tu Negocio No Existe!